The Multi-layer composite pipe UNIFLEX® consists of 5 layers. One polyethylene layer is applied to the inside and one to the outside of the welded aluminum pipe. Both PE layers are permanently bonded to the aluminum pipe by means of an adhesive layer. The UNIFLEX pipe structure is a successful combination of metal (aluminum) and plastic (polyethylene) together in one pipe. The result is malleable, hygienic and non-permeable piping system that is completely corrosion and scale resistant, both internally and externally.

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PLASTIC (PE) LAYERS :  PE layers of composite pipe provide all the advantages of plastic pipes such as,

1)  High Corrosion & Chemical Resistance,   2)   Smooth surface hence higher flow properties, 3)  Low weight and ease of installation

ADHESIVE / TIE LAYERS : The adhesive / tie layers have the following functions :

1)    Perfectly bonds the Aluminum and Pe Layers.

2) Absorbs eventual shifting movements between the Aluminum and the Pe Plastic layer, that is likely to occur in opposite directions.

3)    Binds & holds Composite Pipe to give it the advantages of a single component pipes’ structure.

ALUMINIUM (METAL) LAYER :  The inclusion of Central Aluminum Layer between two Plastic PE layers gives Composite pipe the qualities of metal pipes namely :

1) Absolute oxygen tightness & Permeation barrier.

2) Form Stability and mechanical resistance to deformation.

3) Low Thermal Expansion .


In India, Pe Al Pe Composite  pipes and fittings are approved by following organizations : Quality Assurance Department – DGS&D Public Works Department – Govt. of Tamil Nadu

Dept. of Atomic Energy – Govt. of India Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika Central Public Works Department Indian Army Gradually Pe Al Pe Composite pipes gained popularity leading to the pipe standards being adopted in Indian Standards – IS – 15450 for these pipes.



f1UNIFLEX ®compression fitting charge has been designed to be user-friendly and at the same time keeping its high functionality in mind! Separated structure makes it very convenient for installation and dismounting. Apart from the metal to metal seal, there is an additional O-ring seal between the taper of the insert and the fitting body. The permanent pipe joint is achieved by compression, in fact by tightening the nut against the cone shaped olive, the profiles of the two pipes are designed to cause a progressive shrinkage of the cone olive and to distribute the compression forces across all the contact surface. Also the assembly times are considerably reduced. For jointing, brief procedure is as follows : Pipe is pushed over the insert, Split ring is pushed until it touches fitting, nut is tightened over the fitting


f2UNIFLEX ® crimp fittings are available for all practical applications. They are made of tin plated brass from high quality brass rod. Cold cut and hot forge processed to make compact structure. This technique causes the pipe to deform permanently by crimping which is achieved by action of crimping tool / machine fitted with suitable jaws. The tool permanently deforms the fitting sleeve suitably sized to ensure that pressure is exerted upon the pipe even when temperature changes occur. Perfect sealing ensures long service life. For all these fittings an integrated window enables you to check during the installation whether the pipe has been correctly inserted. All these details help ease installation.                                       

Pipe Sizes &  Range 

UNIFLEX ® Composite Pipes are manufactured as per IS-15450, ASTM F 1281 & F1282-95 standards.

Manufacturing Sizes are : Dimensions {Pipe dia x Pipe wall thickness (mm)}

1014 x 2                                    1216 x 2             1620 x 2             2025 x 2.5        2632 x 3             3240 x 4                                                  4150×4.5            5163 x 6             6375 x 7.5         7390 x 8.5          90 110 x 10

NB Size in Inches                       9/16’’      1/2’’       3/4’’         1’’       1 1/4’’   1 1/2’’        2’’       2 1/2’’      3’’       3 1/2’’     4’’

Min Outer Dia (mm)                     14         16         20          25         32        40          50         63         75          90     110

Max Coil length (m)                     200       200       200        200       100       30           6           6           6            6          6

Inner dia (mm)                             10         12         16          20         26        32          41         51         63          73       90

Min Aluminum Thickness mm     0.20      0.20      0.24       0.24      0.30     0.30       0.30

Min Outer Layer Thickness  0.40        0. 40       0.40        0.40        0.40        0.40        0.40        0.40        0.40        0.40               0.40

Temp. range Min-Max :        White – 40 C to up to 60 C,   Orange – – 40 C to up to 95 C, (Allowable short Black-40C to up to 95C,              Yellow up to 50 C

The Temp Range mentioned above is with regard to medium of transmission through the pipe