The continually-welded middle layer of AL Pipe makes UNIFLEX®  Composite Pipes able to stand   high working Pressure and no gas (oxygen) permeability. It is long enough to decrease the number of  fittings thus resulting in no leakage. UNIFLEX®  Composite Pipes is highly suitable for compressed air, gas and oxygen supply.

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It’s smooth inside appearance, rust-free and scale-free leads to a 30% or higher flow in UNIFLEX®  Composite Pipes than metal pipe. Easy bending, installed directly on girder, buried inside wall and cement concrete, UNIFLEX®  Composite Pipes can be found with a simple metal detector and is very suitable for cold and hot water systems in both civil and industry.
Solar System, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Frost resistant; High thermal preservation lowers the cost of temperature keeping and improves the efficiency of these systems.


UNIFLEX®  Composite Pipes inside and outside PE doesn’t react chemically and are leakage free, hygienic and safe.  As medical and oxygen supply pipe, it can assure safety and purity of its carrying media. As foodstuff industrial fluid supply pipe, it’s corrosion resistant, contamination-resistant nature guarantees foodstuff is not contaminated during manufacture.Solar energy & Air-conditioning matching pipe System.Frost free and high thermal preservation can save the cost of thermal insulation, thus giving these systems hi-efficiency working.


Hard but able to bend, not accessible to deform because of pressure, even if deformed, not split, never spring back and long enough, it enjoys a wide range of working temperature ( -40ºC to 95ºC).  Infloor heating is a hygiene and Hi-class heating system, which has been widely used in developed countries, and will be adopted gradually in other countries.
When we first started out, there was a dire need for HDPE pipes of high quality and purity at affordable rates. One of our earliest products UNIFLEX®  Pe-pipes in pure white colour, the first of its kind in Indian market, was launched to meet this long-standing demand and successfully fulfilled the needs of the plumbing industry for quality HDPE pipes. Over the years, our capabilities in large diameter and solid wall High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe have earned us a respectable stature in the world of HDPE pipes.

UNIFLEX®  has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Nagpur, operated by a pool of skilled technical manpower and driven by German technology. And a strict quality control system is in place to ensure that the products confirm to international quality norms. Every product is manufactured from special, high strength resins with complete quality control maintained from raw material to finished pipe product.